USS Kitty Hawk Braving A Storm Will Make You Sick Just Watching It

USS Kitty Hawk Braving A Storm Will Make You Sick Just Watching It | Frontline Videos

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This pretty gnarly video comes to us from the son whose father was onboard this ship. Named USS Kitty Hawk, this now decommissioned aircraft carrier went through a lot of $#*! during her service.

Launched in 1960 , she served during the Vietnam War and was the flagship carrier during many other worldwide conflicts. Able to house almost 5,700 men, she could carry 85 aircraft of various assortment. Retired in 2009, her role was filled by USS George H.W. Bush supercarrier.

The nickname given to this ship was Shitty Kitty

Although her history is rich in war and accomplishments, it’s the day to day things that are most interesting to us. What we mean is a video like this for example. You can learn all the history you want and that’s fine, but it’s little tidbits like this that make a rig come alive.

In 2008, the father of the Youtube uploader managed to get a video of Kitty Hawk plowing through some crazy waves. You can see a Hornet right next to the tower as well as what looks like a Seahawk on the bow getting pummeled by the waves.  This may be a bit standard for the crews on deck, but for the average Joe, it looks like a nightmare. 



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