U.S.N. Blows Up Gigantic Carrier-Sets World Record That Still Stands

U.S.N. Blows Up Gigantic Carrier-Sets World Record That Still Stands | Frontline Videos

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Although it’s quite heartbreaking to those who served on her as well as others, USS Oriskany had to be put to rest. Although this happened a decade ago in 2006, this is still a sinking of the century.

As a bit of a background on the ship herself, USS Oriskany was commissioned in 1950. Serving through the Korean War as well as other conflicts, her service ended in 1976 when she was decommissioned. Her fate however, differed greatly from other ships like her.

As part of a program to create artificial reefs, she was stripped down and carefully cleaned of any toxic materials. Assessed by the EPA as well as other government organizations, she was cleared to be safely sunk in the Gulf of Mexico in 2006.

To accomplish the job (and this is the footage of it in the video), approximately 500 lbs. of C-4 explosives were placed in 22 strategic locations around the ship. After detonation, it took the ship about 37 minutes to sink.

As you’ll notice, the ship went down hull first and that was intentional. The carrier rested on the ocean floor vertically as to allow recreational divers to access the reef. All in all, as painful as it might be, she was put to good use.

To this day, she’s the largest artificially created reef in the world. 


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