Things Are Not Looking Good For The Missing Submarine Crew

Things Are Not Looking Good For The Missing Submarine Crew | Frontline Videos

Arengentina Navy



A few days ago the Argentine Navy lost contact with a submarine traveling off the east coast of South America. Rescue teams from multiple countries including the United States Navy scrambled in search of missing crew. Now military experts fear the worst may occur as time runs out for the ARA San Juan.

It is estimated that the ARA San Juan may have less than 24 hours left of oxygen remaining. The life support systems can only stabilize the crew of 44 for so long before having to surface. The search and rescue mission has not produced any results despite their best efforts.

The stormy weather conditions in the area are only hindering the abilities of the teams to successfully locate the ARA San Juan. The only message the Argentine Navy received from missing submarine was having troubles with a battery last Wednesday, but the superiors are still hoping for the best.

“A warship has a lot of backup systems, to allow it to move from one to another when there is a breakdown.”

– Commander Gabriel Galeazzi

At this point, there is not much as else to do except hope that the life support systems can keep the crew of 44 alive and that the rescue mission turns up something.


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