New Footage Shows Nov.19th B-52 Strikes On Taliban

New Footage Shows Nov.19th B-52 Strikes On Taliban | Frontline Videos

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That Won’t Buff Out.

We all know that the Taliban and other terrorist organizations rely on drugs to arm themselves and push their agenda. Opioids are especially potent and sell well, which is why getting them off the face of the earth will severely impact the Taliban’s ability to raise funds to fight. 

“These strikes required the mapping of their revenue streams, and mapping of their infrastructure in areas where we had not done this before.”-Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr.

On November 19th, 2017, Afghan A-29 Super Tucanos lead a strike against known drug processing facilities in Afghanistan with the support of B-52s and F-22 Raptors just in case. The latter were provided by the U.S of A of course. 

This is one of the first strikes carried out the USAF and Marine Corps after president Trump signed off on the new strategy of taking out financial resources from under terrorist organizations as opposed to hunting them one by one. 

The strategy seems to be working as thus far 10 of the estimated 400 labs have been taken out by allied forces. At this rate, there is a possibility of severely limiting the Taliban’s opioid revenue stream. 


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