Submariners Strike The Best Pose When Their Sub Goes Up At 29°

Submariners Strike The Best Pose When Their Sub Goes Up At 29° | Frontline Videos



Hey, You Have To Let Loose One Way Or Another.

Although this footage is sort of old and pixely, don’t worry, it’s worth a watch. Uploaded in 2007, it shows some submariners using a bit of creativity when their sub begins its ascent to the surface. As you can imagine, a lot of things change onboard when that happens.

We’ve got to admit that although we’re more aviation guys, when we saw this we couldn’t resist sharing it. As we support all of our troops, we feel like the guys that are in the “silent service” should receive some recognition too.

In the video, the guys in the frame get ready for the sub to go up. It’s actually really hard to keep your footing as 29 degrees is pretty steep, but these guys managed to do it in the most spectacular way. 

Conjuring something you’d see in Street Fighter or Superman, the crew lined up face to face. When the deck started pitching, the guys on the left started motioning as if they were going to do an uppercut, while the guys across from them were pretending to get hit.

It’s actually a lot cooler when you see it. So go do it!


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