2 Fighter’s Jet Blast Rips Poorly Made Runway To Shreds

2 Fighter’s Jet Blast Rips Poorly Made Runway To Shreds | Frontline Videos



Never Seen That Happen.

This video has been circulating around the internet for a number of years now, and quite frankly, were were hesitant to post it. There’s really no information as to where and when this happened so we weren’t sure if it was real. As you all know, nowadays there are so many faked videos trying to go viral that we wouldn’t want to propagate the madness. After making a couple assumptions however, we figured it’s quite possible this actually happened.

One reason is that the first video that was uploaded was back in 2006. Cameras weren’t as good ten years ago which explains the grainy, pixelated footage.

Also, if this was done with CGI or whatnot sometime recently, but we don’t think that’d make sense. Why would someone spend the time and effort to make a 240p video?  Then again, people do all sorts of strange things.

In the end though, you folks judge for yourselves. As our Facebook group has grown over the years (we now amass to over 500K fans!), maybe one of you know what happened there. If so, let us know in the comments section so we can clear this up.

Thanks in advance!



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