Soldier Captures Car Explosion-The Shockwave Is Terrifying

Soldier Captures Car Explosion-The Shockwave Is Terrifying | Frontline Videos



Holy Crap!

This is just a somber reminder of the hazards our troops face on a daily basis. IEDs are the most widely used form of threat our enemies use, and they’re unpredictable. From roadside bombs targeting convoys to public buildings and car bombs, any soldier who deployed to the middle east will tell you that it’s a real daunting threat.

Although this video was posted at the end of 2015, it’s still as relevant now. Filming with a decent cellphone camera, a soldier was filming near a village Samarra, Iraq. Out of nowhere, a massive, and we mean massive, car bomb exploded in the distance.

Everyone in the video seemed to be a safe distance away, debris from the explosion managed to fly through the air and shower them. We’re not sure as to what the casualties were from the blast. One thing’s for sure though, if anyone was caught in that, they’re gone.

The uploader also went through the trouble of showing the explosion in slow motion, so you can really see the power and devastation of this blast. You can clearly see the shockwave which was emitted from the bomb. Also, there’s quite a bit of sound, so be careful if you’re using earbuds or big headphones.

We want to say to anyone out there right now, “stay safe.”


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