For The Next Few Days, The DoD Will Sell You A Humvee For $4Gs

For The Next Few Days, The DoD Will Sell You A Humvee For $4Gs | Frontline Videos

Photo Credit : inautonews


Yup, You Read That Right.

We do have to admit that we’re a little late with this news, as we just heard about it ourselves.

Since September 7th, all you folks (actually, only American citizens, sorry) can purchase a surplus Humvee or truck. We’re only writing about it here just so you guys can get the scoop. If your’e interested, the link to the official website that sells these goodies is right below here.

This Is The Site That Sells The Humvees

As for some background so you guys know what you’re doing, this is the official website that has the authority to manage and sell all military surplus inventory. Called GovPlanet, this marketplace has a lot more than trucks by the way. 

Want a real military trailer? You got it. An Army Core of Engineers crane? Yup, you can grab that too. This website has everything clearly spelled as to what shape the equipment is in and what the transaction entails. 

Happy hunting. 


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