What The Ground Looks Like When Going Just Under The Speed Of Sound

What The Ground Looks Like When Going Just Under The Speed Of Sound | Frontline Videos

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Everyone who knows even a bit about aviation knows who the Blue Angels are. They’re the best our military has to offer in terms of flying having to pass rigorous Naval aviator tests to even be considered. Then, they train even more to perform some of the tightest formations the world has ever seen.

Navy A Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron pilot sits in the cockpit of an F/A-18 Hornet aircraft. | PH1 Chuck Mussi / Public Domain

Not until just recently, however, were we able to really see what it’s like to fly in one of their jets. With new technologies making cameras smaller and more detailed over the past decade, we can now see footage that makes us feel like we’re along for the ride.

The video below is one such example.

A Navy Blue Angel, probably #6 because only #s 5 and 6 do sneak flybys, had a camera on his HUD when he was making a low and fast flyby. Getting to a mere couple hundred feet, you can clearly see houses, trees and roads.

Blue Angel Number 5, part of the U.S. Navy Blue Angles flight demonstration squadron, taking off during Air Show. | Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Hight / Public Domain

This view and distance really makes you see just how fast “near” the speed of sound looks like. When you’re doing 750 mph in the sky you have no reference points. When you’re that low, the feel of the speed really comes through.

Check it out below.


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