The F-15 Is Like Fine Wine – It Just Gets Better, Especially With New Advanced Core Processor

The F-15 Is Like Fine Wine – It Just Gets Better, Especially With New Advanced Core Processor | Frontline Videos

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Here To Stay

The F-15A was single-set all-weather air-superiority fighter version built from 1972-1979. | Unknown / Public Domain

The F-15 has been around for a while. Its first delivery was in 1974. Its first kill was in 1979. Even with a few hiccups over the years, the maneuverable, armed to the teeth, undefeated in air-to-air combat F-15 isn’t going anywhere.

In fact, it’s staying relevant through at least 2040 thanks to its new Advanced Display Core Processor II. If all goes well with Boeing, the  $91.2 million contract will give the F-15  the capability of processing 87 billion instructions per  second of computing throughput.

The F-15 Strike Eagle is a two-seat all-weather multi-role strike version with conformal fuel tanks. It has continually been in production since 1985. | Staff Sgt. William Greer / Public Domain

“ADCP II brings next generation high-speed computing to the F-15. This capability allows pilots to prosecute targets with ironclad precision and sets the foundation for future growth.” -Lt. Col. Michael Casey, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

That’s one heck of a computer and we’re pretty stoked that it’s going in one of the most deserving aircraft of all time. The F-15, after all these decades, has never lost a fight. With at least half of its victories scored by the Israeli Air Force, the F-15 has over 100 victories…and zero defeats.

A vertical F-15D releasing flares. The F-15D was a two-seat training version built 1979–1985. | Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Allen / Public Domain

What Makes The F-15 Such A Great Aircraft

  • It’s low cost and low risk, can be used for a variety of missions
  • Proficient range, endurance, and weapons payload capacity
  • Easily upgradeable

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