Short Colored WWII Close Combat Clip

Short Colored WWII Close Combat Clip | Frontline Videos


If we judge by the written history of warfare, the stories of the countless battle-scarred, and the ghastly statistics, it couldn’t be argued that war has always been pure hell.

Aside from these media,  retrieved footages of the war is a compelling means of showing us how it’s really like to be in the throes of death. Those who took part in it ensured that the actions on the ground were all captured as they happened – both as a reminder on the consequences of the corruption of power and a lesson on the folly of conflict in resolving humanity’s innate differences.

This is a short compilation of the most intense close combat actions of World War 2, in color. It was short all right, but it excellently captured the horrendous conditions of the most destructive and deadliest war in history.

The color undoubtedly heightened the emotional impact a thousand-fold. If you had goosebumps peering through all the fire, the smoke, and the embers it left on its wake, then we can never fully grasp the feelings these men were going through as they waged their lives for the things they were fighting for.




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