Marine Sees Newborn For First Time And His Reaction Is Unforgettable

Marine Sees Newborn For First Time And His Reaction Is Unforgettable | Frontline Videos

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A Meeting He’ll Never Forget.

Our service men and women sacrifice more than some might think. No matter what branch of the military one serves in, they all come with different challenges but one is uniform across all of them; being separated from your family and loved ones for long periods of time. 

It looks like the baby is smiling while the dad is in tears! | Kathie Lee and Hoda / Facebook

As if risking your life wasn’t bad enough, some soldiers also miss the most crucial parts of their lives while deployed. One such case is shown in the video below.

Although the news-piece doesn’t mention his name, this Marine was deployed overseas for 6 months. During that time, his wife gave birth to a baby boy, an emotional moment all fathers want to witness.

Their great way to commemorate this joyous day with an epic family photo. | Kathie Lee and Hoda / Facebook

Having missed that, his wife didn’t waste any time showing him his baby and paid him a surprise visit by meeting him on base when he returned. His reaction, as you can imagine, is priceless.

It’s difficult to see soldiers cry with emotion, and this video is no different. Grab your tissues and check out the short TV clip below showing the whole ordeal. 


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