Having A B-52 Come In Low Over Your Head Is Definitely Chilling

Having A B-52 Come In Low Over Your Head Is Definitely Chilling | Frontline Videos

combat_learjet / Facebook


If you ever have the opportunity to get yourself near the spot where aircraft approach their landings we recommend it. It’s quite a thrill having a big and fast aluminum box come in hot over your head, but to have that experience with a B-52 Stratofortress, the United States’ biggest bomber, that’s a whole other level.

Aerial top/side view of gray B-52H flying over barren desert land. | Airman 1st Class Victor J. Caputo / Public Domain

We found this clip on one of our favorite Instagram channels called combat_learjet. This ex-fighter pilot operated page has some of the coolest videos on it from the Blue Angels to this here B-52. There are a lot of other goodies on there too so we recommend you check it out.

JT3Ds from Boeing 707s are used to re-fit USAF KC-135As, 1984. | SSgt. John A. Pickett / Public Domain

In the video below the bomber gets pretty close to the guy filming and you can clearly hear the screaming engines that’ll send shivers down your spine. There are 8 of them as you probably know and each one produces 17,000 lbf. The JT3D engines, produced by Pratt & Whitney, first came out in 1958 and have many applications including the B-52H, Boeing 707, C-141 Starlifter and the Douglas DC-8.


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