In 2 Days, The DoD Will Sell You A Humvee For Less Than $5,000

In 2 Days, The DoD Will Sell You A Humvee For Less Than $5,000 | Frontline Videos

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A few times a year, the DoD (Department of Defense) auctions off a ton of equipment that they can no longer use. From crutches to Humvees, the things that go on sale are not necessarily used or old. Sometimes they’re just surplus and simply need to be sold off.

That’s when we, the average folk, can go ahead and grab them.

U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the Bravo Battery 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment along with Iraq Army soldiers from the 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Division perform a routine patrol. | Mate 3rd Class Shawn Husson / Public Domain

On January 30th, all you folks (actually, only American citizens, sorry) can purchase a surplus Humvee or truck which was used by the Department of Defense. We’re only writing about it here just so you can get the scoop. If you’re interested, the link to the official website that sells these goodies is right below here.

Click Here To Shop Humvees

As for some background, so you folks know what you’re doing, this is the official website that has the authority to manage and sell all military surplus inventory. Called GovPlanet, this marketplace has a lot more than trucks by the way.

Need a winch? The DoD will sell you one starting at 5 bucks.

Want a real military trailer? You got it. An Army Core of Engineers crane? Yup, you can grab that too. This website has everything clearly spelled as to what shape the equipment is in and what the transaction entails so you can shop with confidence.

Happy hunting and hope you will get your hands on something awesome.


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