FAA Grounds Boeing’s Max 8s And Trump Tweets Some ‘Interesting’ Thoughts Behind It

FAA Grounds Boeing’s Max 8s And Trump Tweets Some ‘Interesting’ Thoughts Behind It | Frontline Videos

Oleg V. Belyakov (top) / POTUS/ Twitter(bottom)


In the wake of the latest tragedy (second one in 5 months) involving a Boeing 737 Max 8, several countries have immediately put a ban on flying the aircraft until investigations are concluded. Ethiopia, Singapore, and China first pulled out from flying the aircraft but now bigger travel hubs such as France, Germany, Ireland and Australia followed suit. In the latest development, the United Kingdom grounded all their flights as well as other countries which are listed below.

Trump’s Take On It

After only a day, the United States followed suit by also grounding the new Boeing aircraft until the problems are sorted out. A smart move, as the country has one of the safest track records for commercial flights.

As you can see in the Tweet above, Boeing is confident their aircraft are safe but are willing to work with the Federal Aviation Administration to prove it. President Trump, however, has a problem with the entire system and how aviation has changed over the years. This can be clearly seen in the Tweets below.

Acting like an aviation engineer himself, he says aircraft are getting too complex to operate. Although we do understand the underlying point that fly-by-wire is taking over many of the pilots’ tasks, to say our current pilots aren’t trained well enough to fly and that the systems are actually dangerous is quite erroneous.

An instrument panel and flight engineer station of an old Boeing 747. It’s safe to say a lot more can go wrong sitting in those seats. | Shahram Sharifi / Public Domain

As aviation fans, we’re eager to hear your take on his stance. As stick-and-rudder kind of guys, you folks have a greater understanding of flight than the common folk. Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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