World’s First Handheld MICROgun – Watch It Go Here

World’s First Handheld MICROgun – Watch It Go Here | Frontline Videos

Empty Shell Llc.


It’s Like A Mini A-10, But You Can Fit It In Your Backpack.

When we found this little video we have to tell you, our mouths began to water. Like, there were pools of slobber all over the floor. This new invention is every gun owners’ dream even though they didn’t even know it existed. Until now that is.

This baby comes to us from Texas. Don’t hold in your surprise. Made by a company called Empty Shell, they’ve been designing unique guns for over 20 years. You can visit their site here for a full description of all their products and how they work.

We are going to put in politically correct shtick here now. Due to recent events with gun control and what not, it’d be easy for everyone to make a judgement on this before knowing ANYTHING about it. As is our state of affairs right now, people look at something for a second and say “NO. JUST NO!.” Well, this is for those folks. This project is for the military ONLY. Now for the people drooling, “we’re sorry to break it to you.” Do watch the video however. This thing is pretty sweet.


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