Vulcan Makes Some Of The Creepiest Sounds You’ll Ever Hear

Vulcan Makes Some Of The Creepiest Sounds You’ll Ever Hear | Frontline Videos



This Girl’s Very Verbal.

There are many reasons to love the planes that we do. Some love their designs, others their speed. For us, it’s definitely a combination of everything (including their history) but sound is important too.

There’s no doubt that every plane has its particular sound. Some howl, others scream when they dive, not to mention their engines sound pretty distinct too. If we played you the sound of an A-10 spooling up and a B-1 flying by, most of you would know which is which.

If you want to skip to those crazy sounds, check out these times: 0:14 & 1:30, Fart at 1:40.

This video however, is a gift for those of you who love these sounds. Not only that, it’s also of one of the most unique planes out there (opinion, not fact), namely, the Avro Vulcan. 

These British long-range nuclear bombers are definitely something to marvel at. Their delta wing design and sheer size are incredible, but how they sound is something else. 

The whole video is pretty neat if you like this plane, but refer to the times above if you want to hear her sing. It’s really something. 


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