Venoms Absolutely Annihilating Urban Targets–Don’t Mess With Us

Venoms Absolutely Annihilating Urban Targets–Don’t Mess With Us | Frontline Videos

Sgt Daniel Kujanpaa


Ready, Agile And Full Of Hurt.

This is what this video should show you that although Hueys were used even back in Vietnam, they’re still around and better than ever. Our standard issue UH-1 Huey got a facelift back in 2008 and if you look at it now, it seems like steroids were used too. Bell’s UH-1Y Venom, otherwise known as the Super Huey, is an absolute beast.

Back in 1996, the United States Marine Corps launched an initiative to upgrade their existing UH-1s. By 2001, they received the Venom.

The most notable additions to the UH-1Y were of course the latest avionics, an FLIR system, but most importantly, they got new, more powerful engines and switched over to four blades. Able to fit more troops or more weapons, this is truly a gunship you want if you’re down in the $#*!.

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This particular video shows the capabilities of these birds. As part of an exercise for the Marine Corps, multiple Venoms were covering a “practice” town in Yuma, Arizona. All this was live fire, so targets were assigned and these crews literally blew stuff up complete with launching flares and performing evasive maneuvers. 

The whole thing is incredibly cool to watch as it puts our mind’s at ease. With these boys out there practicing like that all the time, it’s safe to assume it’ll be second nature to them when time comes. Sleep tight.  


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