This Is The Absolute Best Place In The World To Get Buzzed Over And Over Again

This Is The Absolute Best Place In The World To Get Buzzed Over And Over Again | Frontline Videos

bobsurgranny / YouTube


Bucket List For Sure!

This video is simply the best. Not only do you get to potentially duck down as you watch as each plane come in for a landing, but you also get to feast your ears on some of the rarest engine sounds ever. Captured by a Youtube channel bobsurgranny who has brought us some of the lowest approaches we’ve ever seen, this video is no exception.

An Avro Lancaster of No. 463 Squadron RAAF at RAF Waddington in 1944. It completed sixty-seven missions and twice returned safely with half the tail plane shot away. | Photo Credit: Public Domain

The place you want to visit is Waddington International Airport. It’s a Royal Air Force station which features a runway that’s incredibly close to a road. As you’ll see in the video, they needed to put up a fence to keep people from possible, if not certain, injury.

The airplanes you’ll get to see here in the video below:

  • Canberra
  • Rivet Joint
  • F-16
  • A400M
  • 727
  • F-18
  • Hawker Hunter
  • Typhoon
  • Saab Draken
  • Saab Viggen
  • Vulcan Butterfly

Some of these birds are very rare, especially the Vulcan. One thing to pay really close attention to, however, are the sounds. The cameraman seems to have a fantastic microphone and captures all the different sounds of these spectacular engines. Keep an ear out about 2 minutes in though. The Hawker Hunter has an extremely distinct, high pitched sound.

RFC Waddington training station. | Photo Credit: Public Domain

One thing’s for sure. You’d never be bored if you hang out there during a show.


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