This First Person Seaborne Helo Raid Will Blow Your Mind

This First Person Seaborne Helo Raid Will Blow Your Mind | Frontline Videos



Isn’t Technology Great?

How can you not love GoPros? For those of you who still don’t know what they are, we’ll give you a really quick synopsis before getting down and dirty with this video.

It’s basically a tiny camera that’s about 1.6″ by 2.3″. It captures very high resolution pictures and videos but also comes with it’s protective casing which is key. It’s waterproof, cold proof, drop proof and can take a beating like no other camera out there. They also come with all sorts of attachments so people can take them skiing, biking, skydiving or in this case, on a military exercise.

A member of the EOD Mobile Unit Five strapped one of these cameras to his helmet and took us on quite a journey. First, they board a MH-60S Seahawk from USS Ronald Reagan. All the troops loaded up and were off.

Flying over water, they then dropped ropes and descended to USS Curtis Wilbur, a Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. Doing what they needed to, they departed yet again, landing back on the carrier they originally left from.

It might be routine, but seeing all that in first person really puts you there. It shows you how much these guys practice so that when you know what hits the fan, we can all rest assured that these guys will take care of us.


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