This Crazy 360° Video Inside An AH-1Z Viper Will Give You Chills

This Crazy 360° Video Inside An AH-1Z Viper Will Give You Chills | Frontline Videos


Now That’s Technology I Can Get Behind.

Please read this first. It’s really short but it’ll tell you how to maximize your experience. With so many devices out there from Iphones to Samsungs to tablets to pc tablet computer hybrid things (you get the point), some of you might have compatibility issues with this video. 

What we mean is this. This is a 360° video. This technology has been out for over a year now and allows you to move your device or drag your mouse on your computer whichever way you want to look and when you do, you literally see in that direction. The way they do it is really cool, but we’ll explain that another time.

The point here is this. When you scroll down to the video and it looks like it’s stretched and the motion thing we described above is not working, just click on the Youtube button and open it in Youtube to view it through their platform. 

We know it’s one extra step and it’s annoying, but some of the compatibility issues are beyond our control and there are just way too many devices to support at this time. Hopefully soon that won’t be the case. 

Don’t worry, this video is well worth the extra click if need be though. Sitting or standing with the phone in your hand, you can see every angle of this flight. It’s really incredible. 


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