These Awesome Military Christmas Homecomings Might Make You Shed Happy Tears

These Awesome Military Christmas Homecomings Might Make You Shed Happy Tears | Frontline Videos

Uniform Stories / YouTube


As of August 2018 when we last saw the numbers, there were 1.5 million active military members serving in the United States military, with about 450,000 of them serving overseas.

A little girl gets to see her dad for the first time in a while. | Uniform Stories / YouTube

That’s a lot of dedicated folks who miss the holidays with their families so all of us can feel safe the way we do. This means that the person serving is not the only one making a sacrifice as all the members of that family suffer be it a father or mother, spouse or even kids.

The reaction of the best surprise ever. | Uniform Stories / YouTube

Once in a while, however, some of these service men and women get a pass and get to come home for a bit. This, of course, is always captured by some other family member who is in the know. 

In the video below, you’ll see many soldiers surprising their loved ones with their unexpected appearance and it’s just such a pleasure to watch. The smiles, laughs and happy tears are all signs of how much these men and women are missed when they’re gone and how important this season is to for entire families.

A screenshot of a group hug from the sons of a returning service member. |
Uniform Stories / YouTube

We’ll end this with a Merry Christmas shout out to everyone celebrating and a warm thank you to all our military personnel. 

Stay safe.


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