The Only Footage Of An F-14 Tomcat Catching The Wire-In Slow Mo

The Only Footage Of An F-14 Tomcat Catching The Wire-In Slow Mo | Frontline Videos

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Man I Miss These Planes.

We have to admit, when we found this video we were plenty excited. The combination of the plane, navy and slow motion is just something we’ve never seen before and it brought back a lot of memories.

First off, landing a plane on a carrier is always a pleasure to watch. U.S. naval aviators are the best in the world, and seeing them catch the wire is awesome. If you’ve ever served on a carrier or had the chance to be aboard one through some program, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Secondly, the plane. Seeing an F-14 Tomcat like that is truly nostalgic. Retired in 2006, our new sailors never got the chance to see this fighter in action. With its variable swept wings and rigid airframe, this baby was just work of art.

Then there’s the slow motion. This video gets down and dirty to show you how the plane behaved when it landed. The whole frame is sturdy and absorbs the massive impact like it should. After watching this, click on the link below it to and see how a Russian navy plane behaves. Not designed for carrier use and just retrofitted, the frame and gears behave completely differently.

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