The Nazis Made Big Mistake When They Pissed Off The Most Interesting Man In The World

The Nazis Made Big Mistake When They Pissed Off The Most Interesting Man In The World | Frontline Videos

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There are a lot of men out there who claim to be “The Most Interesting Man In The World”, but Peter Freuchen is one of the few who can back it up. Peter Freuchen had a lot of stories to tell and none of them were ever boring. In his time he was an anthropologist, a journalist, an Oscar award-winning actor and author of over 30 books. Although he earned his reputation as the 6’7″ man who explored the Arctic, became entombed under a mountain of ice and I won’t even tell you what he used to cut his way out. He always had interesting stories to tell and his WWII tales were no exception.

During WWII, Peter Freuchen returned to his homeland of Denmark but he felt a great distaste for the rise of the Nazis due to his Jewish heritage. Anytime when Freuchen heard someone say something anti-semitic he would stand up to his full height walk over to them and tell them that he was Jewish. You could imagine that they got them to shut their mouths pretty quickly.

He took part in a resistance effort against the Nazis by helping Jews escape to freedom. His work helping to aid Jews did not go unnoticed by Nazi Germany and they ordered his death. He escaped from a death came and made it to Sweden to continue sabotaging the efforts of Germany and spreading anti-Nazi propaganda to thwart their efforts.

Peter Freuchen truly was the most interesting man in the world and his WWII years are barely scratching the surface. This video goes further into detail of his extraordinary life and it even tells you what he used to dig his way out from that mountain of ice…


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