Tell Me This Isn’t The Most American Flyby Ever Caught On Camera

Tell Me This Isn’t The Most American Flyby Ever Caught On Camera | Frontline Videos



Hell To The Yeah.

Life gives you little precious gifts once in a while. They may not be much at first glance, but when they happen to you it’s all you can think and smile about. That’s the case here.

This video was taken during the Flags on the 48 Memorial Hike. After the attacks on September 11th, 2001, a group of hikers from New Hampshire felt like they needed to commemorate that awful day and pay their respects. They packed a 96 square foot American flag, duct tape and tubing and set out to hike Mount Liberty. Once on its peak, they planted the American flag on Mount Liberty. Seems fitting.

Here’s the  Flag on the 48 website if you’d like join this tradition. 

That act of compassion and remembrance caught traction as you can imagine and now the hike has become an annual tradition. Every September 11th or so, hikers from around the area hike up the 4,459 foot mountain and do the same thing. We’ve scoured their website and found out that as of 2007, over 200 people participated in the event. 

Now add to this an A-10 flying by during that annual hiking trip and you have yourself one of the most patriotic scenes ever. If you’re from the area and would like to participate, here’s their official website so you can get in touch with the group.


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