Russia Test Fires Its New Rail Gun That Shoots At 26,000 MPH

Russia Test Fires Its New Rail Gun That Shoots At 26,000 MPH | Frontline Videos


Science Fiction Is Now A Reality.

Scientists in Russia just unveiled their newest invention yet, a small sized rail gun. For those of you who don’t know what that is let us break it down really quickly. A rail gun fires projectiles just like any other gun, however, it uses electricity to do it. This means that there is no gun powder necessary, just a battery and you’re good to go. They are much more lethal though.

This technology is not new of course. We’ve included a test fire of the United States Navy railgun which is due to be operational soon and possibly installed on our latest battleships. You can check out its devastating power after you see this video.

An average bullet travels at about 1,700 mph, while this railtron can fire a projectile at 26,000 mph.

This clip is in Russian but it is translated into English in the subtitles. The scientists talk about what goes into this machine and how it works. It’s really worth a listen.

The funny (well, maybe not) thing is that these scientists legitimately built this to break up meteors. Yup, you read that right. Their purpose was to built a deterrent in case the earth was on a collision course with another big rock.

Sadly it’s just a matter of time before the military “borrows” it though.

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