Reaper Drone Blasted Out Of The Sky By Rebels – Declassified Film

Reaper Drone Blasted Out Of The Sky By Rebels – Declassified Film | Frontline Videos

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Grim Reaper.

Yemen is no walk in the park, in fact, it is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Yemen is part of the Arabian Peninsula which many consider the central headquarters for Al-Quaeda. It is not safe for American troops to enter the area so much of the military activity is done with drones but that doesn’t always go so well.

Drone patrols have intensified over the past year. Yemenis would run for cover once a week during a drone patrol, but now they see drones overhead three or four times per day. These patrols are usually not aggressive but locals aren’t particularly thrilled about them buzzing just over their heads and have begun to retaliate. Recently a US Air Force Reaper drone was shot down over Yemen by a suspected surface to ground missile.

“We assess that an MQ-9 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was shot down in western Yemen on Oct. 1, 2017. This incident is under investigation.”

– Major Earl Brown (U.S. Central Command Spokesperson)

Some videos of the incident emerged from different sources but they were quickly taken down. One of the locals captured the destruction on film, you can see it in the link provided here.


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