Possibly The Lowest KC-135 Flyby Ever- Coming In HOT!

Possibly The Lowest KC-135 Flyby Ever- Coming In HOT! | Frontline Videos

Etx Txu / YouTube


I Like That Crew.

What do you think of when you hear the word “flyby?” Probably super low, super fast planes buzzing people, right? What plane is it though? We’re guessing you’d think of an F-15, 16, 18 or whatever fighter jet you like. No one would ever think of a tanker buzzing the crap out of some people on the ground, right?

KC-135 are aerial refueling aircraft introduced in 1957. 803 of them were produced and are still in service today.

Well, we have proof. While searching for some new flyby videos to dose you guys with some adrenaline, we came across this. It almost looked fake to us at first, but then we read the description.

Apparently, this took place in Africa and the plane and pilot were French. Not trying to stereotype┬ábut what we’re getting at here is that we guess that rules over there and for that particular nation are sort of lax. Hence, this flyby.

Check it out yourself and let us know what you think. Sure, that’s a bit nutty to do but who cares. It makes for a great video and we are finally able to see something we never have. Cool.


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