Missile Misfire And Then Set The Deck On Fire

Missile Misfire And Then Set The Deck On Fire | Frontline Videos

lexALF51 / YouTube


Grab The Mops.

This is just some footage we found floating online but is one of the only ones of its kind we ever saw. It features a misfired missile that just got stuck in the pipe and just hung out for a while. Then, it just sort of plopped out, the mechanism went off and set half the bow on fire before falling into the water.

Skip to about 2:30 to see what happened.

Now, the slightly funny thing is that you don’t hear much panic or even talking when this happened. They are professionals, of course, so we wouldn’t really expect them to lose their cool but we figure having an unexploded ordnance hanging out in front of you should make you at least step away from the window.

So this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t buy missiles from China. (just a joke, calm down.)


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