MiG Gets Very Low

MiG Gets Very Low | Frontline Videos

From The Skies Aviation / YouTube


This Is What You Call Crazy.

Flybys are always exciting. They’re low, fast and give you that special thrill when you watch them. It’s better if you’re there of course, as you can feel the wind blast if you’re close enough but unfortunately, here at Frontline we can only watch videos but let us tell you, we try to pick out the most exciting ones.

Look at this video for example.

Although ages old, there is nothing that has ever come close to it. If you haven’t seen it yet, brace yourself. If you already did, it’s no biggie. You’ll still enjoy it because we ourselves have watched this over a dozen times and it never gets old.

An air-to-air right side view of a Soviet MiG-23 Flogger aircraft. | U.S. Department of Defense photo / Public Domain

From the description, we gathered that this flyby took place in Libya. Flying a MiG-23, the pilot takes the cake for a low flyby. Let us know if you’ve ever seen anything lower than that but we don’t think that’s possible.

The craziest part of this video, however, is the fact that the guys on the ground stood around to watch it, but as you’ll see, one guy stood right in its path. He did freak out last second as you’ll see because he hit the ground faster than you can say “low.” Check it out for yourself.


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