Lethal Advanced Turret Has Become The Savior Of Military Convoys

Lethal Advanced Turret Has Become The Savior Of Military Convoys | Frontline Videos

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Convoy gunners have a very difficult and dangerous role, serving as the eyes and ears of their unit. These brave soldiers put themselves in harm’s way in order to defend the rest of their patrol. They strap on heavy armor before jumping into the gunner’s hatch before becoming a human target. But thanks to a new advancement, a convoy gunner’s job is easier than ever with the CROWS machine gun.


The Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) could be the wave of the future for military convoys. The CROWS can be controlled remotely and operated with a joystick while giving the gunner a full view of the target area.

“I think it’s an awesome system, it’s force protection. It takes the gunner out of the turret, puts him in the backseat with a screen and a joystick still accomplishes the mission.”

– Paul Lammon (Force Integration Readiness Officer)

The turrets can be mounted on top of Humvees and the targeting system thermal imaging system can detect body heat and IED’s. The targeting system is so advanced that there is the first round has a 99.9% chance of hitting. See the CROWS in action in this clip, it looks like it could be a much safer and effective future for convoy gunners.


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