The DoD Is Practically Giving Away Humvees For The Next Week

The DoD Is Practically Giving Away Humvees For The Next Week | Frontline Videos



Grab One For Cheap

It’s that wonderful time of the year again. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, we have a pretty nice surprise for you.

Every year around this time the DoD gets rid of some of their surplus equipment. They sell everything from heavy equipment to bicycles. Because we know you folks pretty well, we figured you’ll be psyched knowing that Humvees are on the list of things they want to liquidate.

Click on THIS LINK to go the the official DoD website.

Keep a few things in mind though. Although demilitarized, you will need to make some modifications in order to drive these things legally. Registrations and emissions will vary on your home state, but it is possible. 

As a sidenote, you can also buy one of these as a recreational vehicle. If you live near the desert or have some offroading spots near you, pop this thing on a trailer and go nuts. They’re not comfortable to ride as an everyday car anyway, so just use it for fun. Not to mention that they get something¬†like 6 gallons to the mile.

Also, it’s just cool to say you own a military Humvee. We’re sure we can all agree on that.


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