Speeding A-10 Pulls Off Insane Flare Maneuver – That Was Impressive

Speeding A-10 Pulls Off Insane Flare Maneuver – That Was Impressive | Frontline Videos

(Runway Fun/YouTube)


Flare Up.

The A-10 Warthog has a reputation for being an infantry unit’s best friend in a combat zone. A Warthog can tear through just about anything that is on the ground, still the king of close air support. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all the A-10 Warthog has a few more tricks you’ve never seen before.

“It was designed to survive in an intense anti-aircraft environment including anti-aircraft guns, radar-guided and infrared missiles and absorb battle damage and keep flying.”

The truth is it can survive just about anything you throw at it. A-10s have come home, missing wings, chewed up with bullet holes and even with the canopy ripped off. They are basically a flying tank.

Every once in a while there will be a fight that the A-10 can’t win so it will have to call for help. In the rare event that it needs to put out a signal, the A-10 is equipped with illumination flares to provide support.

A-10 pilots don’t use these flares very often but it is better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them. But there are some ridiculously¬†cool moves that you can pull off with them as this video demonstrates.


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