If You Remember Any Mattis Quote, This One Should Be It

If You Remember Any Mattis Quote, This One Should Be It | Frontline Videos

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Bbbbbbbad To The Bone.

Say what you want about…anyone really, but there seems to be a solid consensus regarding General Mattis. He’s a “man’s man” and you shouldn’t mess with him or people under him. This interview below proves it.

Official DOD Photo as Secretary of Defense. | Monica King, United States Department of Defense / Public Domain

Mattis, a career Marine, has accolades that could go on forever when it comes to war. Married to the Corps, he enlisted in 1969 and was in active service until 2003. He’s led thousands of troops, fought beside them and passed all his knowledge down to them whenever he could. Over the years, he’s become one of the most respected, if not THE most respected, Marines of all time.

Here are some of Mattis’ nicknames:

  • Chaos
  • Warrior Monk
  • Mad Dog (he doesn’t like this one)

Mattis is no stranger to giving interviews and blowing people away (with his words or otherwise.) There are countless articles online about his quotes because there are really that many. He’s a master of war and both his intellect and experience make him a quotable person.

Mattis giving his troops a morale boost before a mission. | U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr / Public Domain

Well, here’s another one that’ll stay in your mind forever.

We’re not trying to blow this out of proportion though. It’s only a 10-second clip from his interview with CBS’s John Dickerson, but the eight-word response to what could be considered a tough question with a drawn-out answer is priceless. 


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