Giant RC Jet Disintegrates Midair

Giant RC Jet Disintegrates Midair | Frontline Videos



Don’t Fly It If You Can’t Afford To Lose It.

We’ve never flown Rc model aircraft before, but we do write about them quite a lot. Although we started our blog with great knowledge of aviation (especially military) we’ve only just started dabbling in this world. It’s been quite the learning curve and we’ve seen some exciting things.

From 30 foot wide Rc B-52 Startofortresses to massive UH-1 Hueys, we’ve seen them all. We’ve also seen quite a few of them crash and burn. It’s never fun if you’re the pilot, but we’ll admit to something. It’s actually pretty fun to watch if no one was hurt of course.

Because we’ve seen so many of these videos, we did learn the quote we mentioned above. Reading through thousands of comments, one theme always comes up. If you’re going to get into this hobby, you’re bound to crash. It’s only a matter of time.

This video shows exactly that and we’ll say that we didn’t really enjoy it. We felt bad for these guys. Building a massive Saab Gripen that weighed over 220 lbs., these guys deserved to fly it for as long as they could. That wasn’t the case though.


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