Footage Of Today’s Mid-Air Collision Surfaces

Footage Of Today’s Mid-Air Collision Surfaces | Frontline Videos

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On February 19th, 2019, two Indian Air Force Surya Kiran Display Team jets collided mid-air while rehearsing their routine. Of the three pilots involved, one perished in the crash.

Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team, Indian Air Force, AF Stn Bidar. | Anand2202 / Public Domain

The display team was formed in 1996 as a part of the 52nd Squadron of the Indian Air Force. The nine aircraft team perform 30 times a year with an average of three performances per display day. They are often seen flying during big events around that part of the world, the International Fleet Review and Aero India shows being some of them.

Since their inception, there were only three accidents involving said team. The first one happened 10 years after the team’s inception in 2006 where two pilots were killed during training. Another display team pilot was injured in 2007 and another killed in 2009.

Closeup of a Surya Kiran HAL Kiran aircraft on the Tarmac at Bangalore during Aero India-2007. Wing mounted drop tanks are seen in the photo which contains color dye, this dye is injected in the exhaust when the aircraft is made to leave color or smoke. | Premshree Pillai / Public Domain

This 2019 crash marks the latest fatality for the team, with one pilot not being able to eject in time as his aircraft was inverted after clipping another. 

You can see one angle of the crash below.

There is another angle of the crash in the video below as well.

RIP airmen.


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