F-14 Tomcat Gutsy Flyby Right Over Deck

F-14 Tomcat Gutsy Flyby Right Over Deck | Frontline Videos

Chris Rattigan / YouTube


Is It Us Or Are Tomcat Pilots Crazier?

We have to admit that we have a pretty neat job. We scour the internet and search for stories and videos that are neat, research them whenever possible and then share them with you. We’re lucky, we know, but the longer we do this the more patterns we see emerging. 

Lately, we’ve been focusing on the Navy, trying to find some cool landings, flybys and the like. The more videos we watch though, the more it becomes apparent that F-14 Tomcat drivers we’re a slightly crazier breed.

Now, let’s not take away anything from Super Hornet aviators. In our book, you’re a crazy SOB if you choose to land on a carrier in the middle of the night as a career, no matter what you fly.

It does seem however that there are a ton more videos of Tomcats flying faster and lower than Hornets though.

Our stipulation is that maybe regulations have gotten stricter. After all, F-14s have retired over 10 years ago in 2006, so maybe things changed. We aren’t sure, but if any of you agree and have a theory about this, let us know.


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