Declassified Film: F/A-18 Chases UFOs – Camera Locks On Target

Declassified Film: F/A-18 Chases UFOs – Camera Locks On Target | Frontline Videos




For over 50 years there have been reports of aircraft around the world that simply have cannot be identified. Usually, these reports are made by less than credible witnesses simply seeking attention or their 15 minutes of fame. But lately, there have been a number of fighter jet pilots who have stepped forward with their reports about unidentified flying objects.

A few months ago there was a Navy pilot who showed film of an encounter with a UFO roughly 100 miles of the coast of San Diego, CA. This was followed by the revelation of a Pentagon UFO operation known as The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program with a $22 million annual budget. Now yet another film of a UFO being chased by Navy fighters has been declassified by the US Government.

“What the **** is that?”

– (Pilot In Film)

These are very experienced pilots who have seen a few things in the sky and for them to be taken aback by something they have never seen before. It seems crazy but the targeting computers of the pilot’s F/A-18 Super Hornet manages to lock on to the UFO for a good while.

See for yourself and watch the sheer speed of this object as the fighter tries to keep up.


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