Canada Just Rejected The Super Hornet Deal To Buy This Jet Instead

Canada Just Rejected The Super Hornet Deal To Buy This Jet Instead | Frontline Videos

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Deal Or No Deal?

Last year the Royal Canadian Air Force shot down a deal with Lockheed-Martin to replace their aging fighters with F-35 Lightning IIs. Instead, they opted to purchase 18 F/A-18 Super Hornets from Boeing as a cheaper alternative to the expensive all-in-one fighters. Now reports have come in that their Boeing has fallen through and they are going with another controversial option.

After shooting down the offer with Boeing the Canadian Government has announced that they are going to purchase used F-18 Hornets from the Australian Government. This is an odd choice which will no doubt save the Canadian Government a lot of money, but the F-18s are hardly new. They are certainly better than the CF-18s Canada currently uses because they are hanging on by a string.

“They canned the joint strike fighter because it was too expensive.┬áNow they are going for used rather than new F-18s. Seems like they will need to keep buying used until the memory of this fades.”

– George Ferguson (Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Aerospace Defense Analyst)

The deal is on the table and the fighters could be ready as early as 2020 if all works out accordingly. Where do you stand on the issue, are they better off with F-18 Hornets?


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