Attack On Air Force Base Deemed Terrorism-Latest Details

Attack On Air Force Base Deemed Terrorism-Latest Details | Frontline Videos


Setting Himself On Fire Pointed In Only One Direction.

On Wednesday, March 22nd, 2018, an unidentified vehicle approached the gates of Travis Air Force Base in California. Slowing down, the SUV rolled through the booth where a guard was posted and a flash was seen inside the vehicle. 

The suspect’s vehicle kept on rolling through the checkpoint as it began to smolder until it eventually ended up in a ditch, the fire consuming the entire vehicle and killing the driver.

Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, was built in 1942 and is now home to 7,260 active USAF military personnel, 4,250 Air Force Reserve personnel and 3,770 civilians.

Once the fire was put out, the report stated the car was filled with 5 propane tanks, three gallons of gas in plastic cans as well as three cell phones. 

The attacker was identified on March 25th as 51-year-old Hafiz Kazi, a U.S. resident out of India. Kazi had no known ties to any terrorist organizations but the nature of the attempted assault only pointed to one outcome and that was to blow himself up once he acquired a target. 

The FBI and DoD are now investigating the incident and trying to piece together Kazi’s life to find out the motive for the attempted attack as none is evident at this point.  


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