3 Memorial Day Flyovers That Blew Everyone Away Last Weekend

3 Memorial Day Flyovers That Blew Everyone Away Last Weekend | Frontline Videos

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Our Of Hundreds Of Flybys, Here Are The Ones That Made The List.

As we leave Memorial Day 2018 behind full of gratitude and sadness, let’s look back at some of the ways different cities and communities paid homage to their fallen soldiers. Being aviation fans, we definitely appreciate a wonderful formation flying over a stadium or cemetery, so after doing some digging on different social media platforms, we found three unique flybys we thought you folks would appreciate.

3. Thunderbirds Flying Over FedEx Field

An Instagram user went to a Red Skins game only to be startled by a flyover by none other than the Air Force Thunderbirds. It was fast, it was low and definitely made people gasp.

Thank you to all our courageous men, women & their families. Those who gave their lives & those whom continue to serve. I APPRECIATE EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE. “HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY” ?? #FedExField #redskins #washingtonredskins #servicemenandwomen #flyover

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2. Possibly T-6s Texans Fly Over Los Angeles National Cemetary

This gentleman captured this flyby when he went outside his house, promptly uploading it to YouTube for all of us to enjoy. We’re not sure if those are T-6s, but they sure sound like them.

1. A B-2 Spirit With An F-35 Lightning II Escort

We’re pretty positive such a formation was never seen before. F-35s just recently entered service and the B-2s don’t get much flight time as they’re incredibly expensive to operate making us, so we might venture a guess this is the first time this has ever happened.

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