20mm Vs. Bullet “Proof” Glass

20mm Vs. Bullet “Proof” Glass | Frontline Videos

Edwin Sarkissian / YouTube


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The Typhon 20 sits right in front of the Humvee glass and two aluminum panels. The gun will be triggered by the red cord. | Edwin Sarkissian / YouTube

We all know that “bulletproof” is a bit of an exaggeration. “Proof” is just a challenge; there’s always something strong enough to get through it. Nevertheless, 4 inch Humvee glass is impressive stuff.

But not against a 20mm Typhon 20.

Edwin Sarkissian

Edwin shows the bullet he will be using to challenge the strength of the bulletproof glass. | Edwin Sarkissian / YouTube

Edwin Sarkissian brings a team together to demonstrate this out in a windy middle-of-nowhere desert in Arizona. Setting up the 4 inch glass (or 3 1/2 according to Gasparito) with 2 aluminum blocks behind it, he situates the 20mm Typhon 20 uncomfortably close to the glass. Everyone is sure to stand way back!

Slow Motion

The Humvee glass can’t handle the impact of the 20mm. | Edwin Sarkissian / YouTube

The result is no joke. The 20mm blasts right through the glass like a birthday kid devouring his birthday cake. The slow motion footage captures the fiery bullet launching through the air. If a glass panel was capable of getting its air knocked out, well, it would be extremely dead. Hopefully no other Humvee glass panel ever finds itself in this position.

The footage is mesmerizing to watch in slow motion. Showing the shot from different angles so that you get a good look, it’s still worth it to rewatch. The impact is astronomical.

Check it out below.


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